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Bringing you the best

We bring fish to you via seasonal offers, reflecting the best Wild Alaskan Seafood available depending on the time of year and quality of each fishery that we buy from.


To maintain the high quality standards we keep, our supply is inherently limited.  Occasionally we'll be able to source more of what you love - and encourage you to try something new as well!

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Each of our offers is launched with convenient local pick up dates and times in the communities we serve.  When you order - simply choose the date/time that works for you, and meet us there to pick up your fish. 


On the date of your pickup, we'll be there to answer questions you have, share recipe tips, and share a high five about the awesome fish you're about to eat! (though we keep it socially distanced these days, we can't wait for all the overdue high fives when it's safe soon) 



Ordering from us is easy.  Our members are notified of seasonal sales before they go live - and enjoy first access to these limited products.  It takes patience to bring you this level of quality while minimizing packaging waste and eliminating air freight - so there are usually about three weeks between the closing of an offer, and the first of our local pickup points.  We'll keep you posted on progress in the meantime, and make sure your fish arrives in the best quality ready to grace your plate.  Trust us - it's worth the wait!

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